348hp Youxia X Electric Super Car looks too much like a Tesla for comfort

youxia x

News of a new start-up now, but this company is producing a new electric super car in China and hopes to take on the Model S with their Tesla inspired Youxia X.

Youxia Motors are a new electric car company from China who want to produce luxury sports sedans. The concept is similar to Tesla’s Model S (which seems to be selling well in China) and features a 348hp electric motor with a range of around 360km.

The X is a striking vehicle but it does look an awful lot like the Tesla Model S and there are even reports that the first concept car (the car which was used to attract investors) is nothing more than a highly modified Tesla car. Apparently Youxia are keeping quiet about the similarities, but the wheelbase, roofline and aspects of the interior do look rather familiar.

Where the Youxia get’s my vote though is with the Knight Ryder inspired red light on the front. In fact the car even comes with an OS named KITT OS! Its not clear if the X can talk to you in a condescending British accent though.

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