Otium Ballon full specifications release, boasts 4 month battery life

Otium have sent over full specifications for their latest wearable, which boats an amazing 4 month battery life. Keep reading for full Otium Ballon specifications.

After owning an LG Gwatch and a Xiaomi Mi Band, I can honestly say that the 30 day battery life the Mi Band is more worthwhile than all the Android Wear features and the pathetic one day battery life.

30 days is really great, but 4 months! Well that’s even better and its the amount of time Otium say you can use the Ballon before you need to replace the battery. Yes, instead of a built in rechargeable cell the Ballon uses a regular old watch battery.

The benefits of this are the long usage time, and the fact that Otium haven’t had to try and figure out how to fully seal a usb charging port or points which means the Ballon can be used at a depth of 50 meters when swimming!

Otium Ballon

Like the Mi Band, the Otium Ballon, is a fitness device which syncs to your Android or IOS device via the Otium fitness app. The company says the Ballon can track sleep, the number of steps to make in a day and can be used for cycling and swimming. A Bluetooth 4.0 module, accelerometer, basic CPI and 12 LED lights live the main alloy and glass body, that can either be worn on a strap or clipped to your clothing.

Otium haven’t announced the release date or pricing, but in the past we had heard a rumoured price point of $50 which includes 2 batteries ,clasp and rubber wrist strap.

More details of Otium’s products can be found on their Facebook Page or the Otium website.

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