Meegopad M1 converts your TV in to an Android TV for less than $100

meegopad m1

We have seen plenty of USB Android sticks that convert your standard TV in to a smart TV, but I believe this is the first to run an Intel Atom processor so far.

Usually when we see these sticks they are powered by a Rockchips or Allwinner processor from China, but the Meegopad M1 is powered by an Intel Atom CPU. The chips inside the slim black box is an Atom 3735f quad-core running at 1.33Ghz, which should give enough poke for 1080 HD streaming and gaming.

Memory in the stick is just 1GB RAM. Storage is handled by 16GB of internal memory and a micro SD slot which can accept 64GB cards.

Connections are handled by Bluetooth 4.0, for a keyboard or mouse, and WIFI 802.11 b/g/n. Most popular video codecs are supported plus there is a micro USB allowing you to connect it to a external memory source or wired controller.

The Meegopad is on sale now for $89.72, and is the perfect size to fit in your stocking.

[ Gearbest ]
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