IUNI U3 prices cut to $370 for international buyers

iuni u3 review

If you are hoping to see a Snapdragon powered, 2K super phone under your tree this Christmas your luck is in as IUNI U3 prices have been slashed.

In China the IUNI U3 costs just 2000 Yuan, and boasts hardware which shames the OnePlus One and the Xiaomi Mi4, international prices have been understandably higher until recently.

The IUNI U3 has not had its price cut to cut $369.99 (around 2200 Yuan) by international reseller site Vifocal. The U3 is a 5.5-inch smartphone with 3GB RAM, 13 mega-pixel rear camera, OIS and large 3100mAh battery. The phone is quite unique as it is a dual SIM flagship offering LTE and 3G support.

IUNI U3 Video Review

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