Otium launching Otium Z6 before Christmas with 2GB RAM and wireless charging

otium z6

Otium are launching an all new phone with original design ahead of Christmas this year. Here are the exclusive first images of the new Otium Z6.

For anyone following the Chinese tech scene will already know, smartphone manufacturers come in different tiers. The top end companies like Huawei, Oppo Xiaomi, who make and design all their own products. The mid-range who make a mix is original and copy and the low-end.

Mid-range phone makers usually buy in their devices from an OEM factory, this is why we see identical phones branded with different names and companies, but now and again we are treated to something original.

Otium are telling us that their new Otirum Z6 is an all new phone and we wont see it branded as anything other than an Otium product. The design of the phone is very unique, featuring a round design and distinctive metal edge top and bottom.

Otium Z6 Gallery

Pricing for the device will be just $160 (or there about) a great price for an octacore smartphone with 2GB RAM, wireless charging and 13 mega-pixel main camera.

Otium are currently working on a final name for the Z6 and we will have more details of the phone in the coming day.

[ Otium Facebook ]
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