Xiaomi Mi5 already in production? Spy photos show near bezel-less design!

Xiaomi Mi5 already in production? Spy photos show near bezel-less design!

xiaomi mi5 leaked

Leaked photos from a production line somewhere in China show a new Xiaomi smartphone. Could the Xiaomi Mi5 already be in production?

The Xiaomi Mi4 launched earlier this year, and showed a turning point for Xiaomi. Instead of loading the phone with the latest hardware money could buy (as we had seen from previous flagship Mi phones) we were treated to a mild update and major design overhaul.

Some fans were left disappointed by the warmed on specifications (although the hardware is very much still flagship level), and were also a little hurt by the iPhone-esque styling of the phone.

If you have decided to skip the Mi4 but still want a Xiaomi then you might want to have a peak at what the Xiaomi Mi5 looks like!

xiaomi mi5 leaked

These images come from a production line in China, and are rumoured to be of the next Xiaomi flagship phone. The shame and design of the front panel haven’t changed all that much from the Mi4, but the bezel is much narrower this time.

xiaomi mi5 leaked

This second image looks like the display on the Xiaomi Mi5 might have a slight 2.5d curve to it as we had used on the IUNI U3.

It’s worth nothing that these images are not confirmed and might be fake, or even of another Xiaomi device, possibly a new flagship Redmi model.

What do you think of these Xiaomi Mi5 photos?

[ Source via Gizchina.es ]
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  • Kamui

    Maybe they follow Meizu’s step. So this will be the Mi4 Pro

    • This is the new Redmi LCD screen, pics are from the supplier.

      Sooner than later they will start the Redmi II production in time for the Christmas sales.

      • Kamui

        Any source on that speculation?

  • Konstantinos Natsios

    its not mi5 if they are accurate, its just another xiaomi phone, maybe the new redmi ,i doupt they will throw out mi5 so soon

  • Vijay Sud

    Hope this time Xiaomi put their ears to the ground and take just 3 steps to enhance the appeal to consumers. 1. Put in a user replaceable battery. 2. Have a Dual SIM Slot 3. A MicroSD Card slot.

    • eliHd

      Xiaomi MI range is “inspired” by apple therefore dual sim + replaceable battery & micro sd are out of the question. Shame Really because am totally with you as well. 🙂

      • Airyl

        Only the Mi4. The Mi3 was inspired by the Nokia Lumia phones, the Mi2 was a Soviet Brick and the M1 was the most original, with only some hints of the GS2 around the camera part.

        • joe bloggs

          Nokia N9 actually

    • balcobomber25

      1. Personally I have never needed to replace a battery in any phone I have ever had, I don’t keep them long enough for that. I have most phones a max of 1-2 years before I get a new one.

      2. Dual Sim is vital for someone like me, as I use my phone for both business and personal. Currently I use a Kingzone K1 for business and Mi4 for personal use.

      3. For me an SD card is hit or miss, I never really fill up my phone with anything but pictures but they are easy enough to transfer to my online accounts.

      • Vijay Sud

        You have to change battery..when it is going low to 35% at 6 PM and have an evening ahead…what do u do man..wait 1 hr to replenish to 75%..or just remove back panel Pop in a charged battery..good for 12 hrs..i do this often enough on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2..which..whatever it may be..is blessed with an micro SD card and a user replaceable battery. manufacturers who insist on forcing their own will on cunsumer..will alway Lose out..Keynesian economic sense..

        • Alexander

          Why don’t you buy an external battery with USB then? For me I rather have a nice slim design without removal battery than having a thicker body with removal battery… Every flagship phone can easily survive a full day of hard work, and if not I use the Xiaomi 10400mAh power bank (that can charge every phone to full like 5 times.

          • Vijay Sud

            Wtf….Xiaomi 10400 mAh. Power bank is 20 times bulk of my spare charged 3100 mAh. Samsung battery..Ready to pop into my phone..whole op takes 10 sec.and phone is gud to go another 8 hrs..How long to charge from the power bank..your phone is dangling with power bank for 1hr man…Slim is ok for guys who keep phones to showoff..mine is hardworking tool..on the go..

      • Kai Mao Tahu Aza
      • Kai Mao Tahu Aza
        • RRRobert

          I don’t think this phone will make it beyond design status. Only $ 149 collected of the $ 3,6M needed and only 19 days to go…

    • BullGates

      Business moves. 🙂

  • Jason45

    Hopefully not bigger than 5.5 inch. Also, I hope an update of the Redmi series will be released next month. If the photo’s in the article show the new Redmi phone instead of Mi5, then it looks quite nice, at least the bezels are thinner compared to current Redmi series phones.

    I would be very interested in that phone if that is the next Mi5 phone or Redmi series phone.

    • Wait for a 5,5 FullHD screen with MT6752 or MT6595 chipset.

      I just hate their shitty android fork, so unless their partner Google for an Android One device…

      My money is gonna miss this nice brick.

      • RRRobert

        Shitty Android fork? Just a matter of opinion…

        • Wrong.

          It’s a matter of fact, plain and simple.

          Want my antutu scores?

          Same MT6592 as Redmi but huge 4.000 points difference with my own custom Android 4.4.2 ROM for DG550

          Redmi note beated in all and each of the parameters. Meaning Fork=Crap.

          +31.300 points. Beat it…


          • Guaire

            Probably difference came from new Antutu version. It did uplift all scores a bit.

            It’s about user experience, you can’t see differences on benchmarks.

  • Airyl

    I can already hear people saying it’s a HTC One ripoff.

  • Dave Mcpherson

    … im the most salty guy around .. just bought an mi4

  • Kai Mao Tahu Aza
  • Sisal

    I like that the part under the display is much smaller than JingDong’s bezel-less phone. Maybe it is smaller because Xiaomi doesn’t build in a fingerprintsensor.

  • Simon

    When is it coming supposedly ?

  • Guaire

    I can say it isn’t new Redmi, because of thinner bezels. They wouldn’t bother to made it with that attractive thin bezels.

    Even end of the year seems like early for Mi5, actually Mi4 was a bit late IMO. They were late to Snapdragon 801 party.

    Here is my wishlist:

    I hope it doesn’t come with Snapdragon 805 so it will seal Xiaomi will be late for jump to Snapdragon 810 party too. I don’t think Snapdragon 810 will be ready that early. So I say better be wait for it.

    Another issue is display. Even for mighty Snapdragon 810 no need for 2K resolution. It isn’t good for battery life and performance and it’s benefits are minimal. Most people OK with iPhone 6’s 326ppi display, so FHD shouldn’t be a problem even for a phablet.

    Some people doesn’t adopt larger handsets, while others demands larger handsets. So give people the choice. 5 inch for people who likes smaller handsets, 5.5 or 5.7 inch for others.

    I would like to see a display with very good contrast like iPhone 6’s and very good maximum brightness -for outdoor use- like Blackberry Passport’s instead of battery and performance killer 2K resolution.

    As well I know some Chinese brands like THL uses Amprius batteries which it has more energy density. Thanks to it, handsets like THL 5000 become real. For 2015 they promise even more denser batteries. So maybe they can manage to squeeze a 5000 mAh battery to same volume as Mi4’s.

    Last thing is internal memory. 16GB isn’t sufficient for a high-end smartphone anymore. They have to start from 32GB and upgrade 64GB to 128GB even than a Micro SD slot would be good. And don’t forget to replace eMMC 5.0 to UFS 2.0 2L.

    • Faux-News

      Why wouldn’t they make Redmi that attractive ? Seeing the Mi4 change from Mi3, it was more concentrated in changes in looks rather than filled with most advanced specs.

      They might pulled the same on Redmi, knowing that the old Redmi looked horrible with that huge bezels, they would pull a wow factor of the latest Redmi. Will be a selling point.

      • Guaire

        Both Redmi and Redmi Note wasn’t lookers like rest of entry end mid range handsets from other vendors. I suppose they deliberatly made them that way.

        As well I remember every one of them had big fat bezels.

        If that’s a 5 incher than top and bottom parts is considerably shorter than Mi4. Sides are almost same with Mi4, maybe a bit thinner.

        Though it could belong to a much larger handset up to 5.7 inch. Remember talking about 1499 yuan MX4 challenger.

  • Simon

    When the MI 4 FDD-LTE 4G model (Black) being released ?