Meizu launch official online stores in Germany and Taiwan

Meizu launch official online stores in Germany and Taiwan

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Ahead of their Thinkhigher launch next week, Meizu have just opened their virtual doors on two new online stores for German and Taiwan!

It’s a big month for Meizu, next week we will finally be seeing the much anticipated Meizu MX4 Pro, and today fans in Germany and Taiwan can order Meizu phones from dedicated online stores. will cater for fans of Meizu products in German while, will ship phones to Taiwan/

The latter store is quite interesting as just today Xiaomi posted that they will launch a product (probably the Xiaomi Mi4) in Taiwan on 19th November, the same date the Meizu MX4 Pro will launch. If Meizu offer an international pre-order on the 19th that would see the top of the range Meizu go blow to blow with the Mi4 in Taiwan!

Hopefully we will see more international online stores open from Meizu and others in the coming months.

[ Meizu Facebook ]
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  • Vijay Sud

    Dear Meizu, How about a store in India, u have lots of Fans in India and your phones have a market in India.

  • Jason45

    If I look at the German website, it is basically a cooporation between Meizu and a German shop. The German price is 355 euro for the 16GB version and only 1 year warranty. If the shop is based in Germany, I think they need to give 2 years warranty according to EU law.

    Anyway, you can buy the Meizu MX4 16 gb version for around 370 us dollar from 1 seller (about 300 euro), this includes free shipping by DHL and no tax if you live in Europe, because they ship from the UK.

    I was hoping that Meizu will open his own online stores with their own warehouse in the EU just like Oneplus. I like that prices for Oneplus phones are about the same as in China. Too bad that is not happening for Meizu phones.

    • The shop isn’t based in Germany. eFox is one of those China-based shops targeting German customers and shipping some stuff from Germany. I am shocked Meizu teamed up with them, as eFox is non-compliant with EU regulations. They are acting illegally, they know it, they still do it. Currently there are investigations running on a lot of those shops. This will backfire seriously at Meizu.

  • What is interesting to me is that Meizu cannot take care of their official retail site – Meizu Mart! They still only have a grey version only, when you can already buy a white version in third party retailers!!!

    • Matt Wright

      But is the white/gold version thats on sale on other sites the ‘l’ version thats meant to be international or the Chinese models from the carriers.
      I have a feeling they will be the Chinese carrier versions.

    • njren

      Same is true for their online store in China. Nothing available at the moment. Meizu horribly mismanaged the MX4 and, combined with their apparent experiments to manufacture on demand (a la Xiaomi) + toss in “special limited editions”, it’s been a disaster. True, the demand has far exceeded what they estimated, but it’s been a complete about face from the MX3 launch when they were so eager to show fans how quickly they were fulfilling orders, even straight though holidays.

  • kzm
  • Mikeyd

    I don’t see any direct link on the german site that says “buy”!
    I see just info in german about the phone. Thans all.
    If someone else can say where to buy in europe without custom takes. Ill be thankfull!