U Watch U8 Pro wants a place on your wrist at less than $40

The smartwatch revolution is upon us, and whether we want them or not, Chinese factories are launching more of the pint sized Android devices for every pocket.

I’ve still not found an smartwatch that I have found good enough to use on a daily basis and enjoy. Still that’s not to say that these devices aren’t popular and with more flooding the markets prices are lower than ever.

The U Watch U8 Pro is about as cheap as they come while retaining a colour LCD touch display. At $36.75 the U8 Pro is affordable enough for those who want to dabble in wearable tech, or to give as a gift.

Specifications include a 1.48-inch display, Bluetooth, mutliple languages and a 230mAh battery. Like most smartwatches, the U Watch U8 Pro requires pairing with either an Android or iOS device to be fully functional, and once set up will allow you to take calls, see notifications and quickly answer messages.

The U Watch U8 Pro isn’t a device that is going to set the industry on fire, but at such a low price they are sure to sell like hot cakes.

[ Gearbest ]
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