Amazon to exclusively carry the OnePlus One in India

It’s Chinese phones galore for residents of India. Right after breaking the news about the Xiaomi Redmi Note’s launch date in the country, we’re back with some crucial info on the other massive release that’s expected in the coming days — the OnePlus One!

Amazon India posted an image with some quality copywriting, which confirmed the device’s launch through the e-retailer. Like a lot of other devices including those from Xiaomi, the OnePlus One will be bound to a single e-retailer, i.e., Amazon India. While there’s yet to be an official announcement on this, the Facebook post from Amazon India does spill the beans quite a bit.

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OnePlus also kicked off their invites distribution for India yesterday, with the Never Settle statement competition. A total of 100 winners will be getting invites, which will be restricted to India.

It’s interesting to see OnePlus opt for Amazon rather than Flipkart. The latter has been the e-retailer of choice for dozens of new OEMs looking to make entry into the lucrative Indian market.

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The OnePlus One sells for US$299 and US$349 internationally, for the 16GB and 64GB variants respectively. OnePlus said that they might consider bringing the 16GB version to India at an even affordable price. Time should tell.

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  1. Angry Mobile Nerd
    November 22, 2014

    hahaha if that’s the graphic they used oh boy they have totally missed their mark understanding the Indian market. Never been to India but just from watching forums I’d say there they only care about specs and price and couldn’t care less about those things you call “experience” and “design”.

    I have a gut feeling if OnePlus’ strategy is going to be “focusing on the experience makes it better” the translation is it’s going to be more expensive than people are hoping. Oh, what a coincidence they haven’t announced pricing yet.

  2. rene
    November 23, 2014

    Your story is wrong, opo does notsell internationaly, only in some countrys and this only if you are lucky enough to get one

    • Cuerex
      November 23, 2014

      you never needed luck for this device, just a plan

    • Andrew P
      November 23, 2014

      That’s the point, they only ship to 16 countries.