JiaYu testing JiaYu S3 to ensure quality GPS function

jiayu s3 gps

Fed up of poor performing GPS on your Mediatek phones? So are JiaYu who hope to solve it all with the JiaYu S3.

If you have used a Mediatek phone (bar the MX4) then you will know how poor GPS usually is on these devices. JiaYu appear to be aware of it though and putting the new JiaYu S3 through its paces to ensure better performance.

The JiaYu S3 will launch in a few weeks as the new flagship JiaYu smartphone. The new phone will be rocking the latest 64bit SoC from Mediatek plus a new MT6630 wireless processor, which brings with it better performance, lower battery drain and improved location features.

According to JiaYu, they are hoping to really sort out GPS performance on the S3 and are currently testing various designs of LDS antennas to give the best surface area, accuracy and lock on speed.

To prove they are heading in the right direction, Jiayu posted the above image showing a GPS test that had 30 satellites to choose from with signal values of between 20-40.

In addition to better GPS, the MT6630 wireless SoC in the JiaYu S3 brings dual band Wi-Fi 802.11b / g / n / ac, Miracast, Bluetooth 4.1, GPS, Glonass, and Beidou support.

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