Analysits speculate at possible Xiaomi Mi5 specifications

This year was kind of a breather year for Xiaomi, a time they could relax specs and focus on build quality, but for 2015 they could be back to their old tricks again.

If you look at the top flagships from this year you will see that not a huge change has occurred. Most are still running 1080 FHD displays and Snapdragon 800 series processors and most are still running 13 mega-pixel main cameras.

The Mi4 is a good example of this. Not a huge amount changed from the Mi3, and the lull in performance updates allowed Xiaomi to focus on build.

For 2015 though we should expect a jump in specs according to analysts, who believe that Xiaomi will be eager to show that they are still capable to faking on phones such as the IUNI U3 and Meizu MX4 Pro.

Those in the know have told us that Xiaomi are now developing a Snapdragon 810 powered phone with fingerprint security and a 5.7-inch 2K display as a direct response to the latest Meizu phone. Sources say the phone could cost as much as 2499 Yuan at launch, more than previous Xiaomi flagships but still a low cost for such high specs.

What do you guys think of 2K panels and fingerprint scanners? Are they important parts of phone design or should companies be working on improving other areas?

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