Meizu say 6.7million MX4 Pro have been booked by Chinese fans

meizu pre sales

It looks like Meizu are on to another winner with their Meizu MX4 Pro, which has already taken an astonishing 6.7million pre-orders!

The MX4 Pro launched in China just a few weeks ago, and although the phones don’t start shipping for another few days, Chinese fans have been quickly snatching them up through pre-orders.

So far, Meizu are claiming, 6.7million Meizu MX4 Pro have been pre-ordered through official pre-order channels across China alone! That’s a simply staggering number of phones, we wonder just how long it will take for Meizu’s factories to satisfy them all.

Meizu’s new found popularity took the company by surprise for the MX4 launch, which was available internationally and in China at the same time, but they have learned this time around by only offering the phone in China to begin with until stock quantity can be secured for international customers.

So the good news is that Meizu are on a roll, the bad news is that MX4 Pro fans not in China are going to have to wait a little while longer before they can get their hands on the phone.

[ Meizu ]
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