Listed: 18 64bit MT6752, LTE phones coming in the next few weeks!

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We list 18 hot new Chinese smartphones launching in the next few weeks with the latest 64bit octacore MT6752 chipset.

2015 hasn’t began yet, but already we are seeing the 64bit revolution kicking off with smartphone makers choosing from what both Qualcomm and Mediatek have to offer them. So far we know of 18 Chinese smartphones which will launch in the next few weeks (couple of months) that will get the 64bit octacore treatment thanks to Mediatek. Brands ranging from Longrich (?) to big names like Vivo, Oppo and Meizu are all in there, but the big question is who will be first?

Rumour has it that Meizu are to launch their low-cost 64bit phone before Christmas this year, but we also know that iOcean and Zopo are planning to launch their phones around a similar time. The race is on!

About the Mediatek MT6752

The Mediatek MT6752 is a SoC designed and manufactured by Mediatek for use in Android smartphones. The chipset is based on a 64bit Cortex A53 architecture and features an ARM Mali T760 GPU. The chipset boasts built-in dual-mode LTE for worldwide 4G network compatibility, dual band 802,11n WIFI and Bluetooth 4.o. Phones using MT6752 processors can handle up to 16 mega-pixel main cameras and Ultra HD 4K video.

List of octacore MT6752 LTE Chinese phones so far

[table id=180 /]

Which company do you think will launch their MT6752 smartphone first? We plan to update this list as new phones are leaked and announced.

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This list was complied with information from MTKSJ.

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