Latest Zopo leak holds no surprises, barely holds our interest

zopo leak

Zopo have posted teasers before about their camera-centric new phone, but this latest ‘leak’ is the pits! Are we seriously meant to be excited by this?

I’m sure you can tell from my recent comments about Zopo, that I firmly believe the company are going from bad to worse! From being one of the most watched Chinese phone makers, Zopo have squandered this past year releasing nothing but overpriced junk!

With JiaYu, Elephone, Lenovo, Waphone and possibly Meizu all on the cusp of selling their first 64bit phones, we are quickly loosing interest in what Zopo might be planning, and ‘leaks’ like this really don’t help their effort!

Come on Zopo show us what you are made of and launch something that will knock our socks off for once!

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