Does the recent Meizu MX2 price cut hint at Blue Charm pricing?

meizu mx2 price

With the Meizu Blue Charm phone launch later this month, the Zhuhai phone maker has slashed pricing of it’s older MX2, could this be a sign of things to come?

Recently in a Weibo post, Meizu VP Li Nan said that the low-cost Blue Charm phone, or in Chinese “Meilan”, couldn’t cost 799 Yuan as rumoured as that would cut in to the quality of the phone. Normally that would be the end of that, but in the past he also send that the MX4 Pro couldn’t cost just 2500 Yuan with 2K display, yet that’s exactly what we got.

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Still there might be something to his post, and perhaps the Blue Charm won’t cost 799, but instead 699 Yuan. 699 Yuan would certainly hurt sales of the Xiaomi Redmi, and it would mean the company are replacing their current low-cost phone (the Meizu MX2) with a phone of the same price.

As for the MX2, it was a good phone when it was released as a flagship a few years ago, and it still isn’t a bad device now, especially at 699 Yuan.

How much do you think the Meizu Blue Charm will cost? And are you likely to buy one?

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  1. Jason45
    December 12, 2014

    799 yuan for the small size version and 999 yuan for the Note version. I think I will buy the Note version if the dimensions are reasonable for a 5.5 inch phone (also for the 16:9 screen ratio that the Note possibly will have, small size version seems to have 15:9 screen ratio just like the MX phones).

    Hopefully, the rear facing camera is also good (13MP Sony IMX124 camera module would be ideal for me). Not sure if that is possible though for a low budget phone, although Jiayu S3 has that camera module.

    I also hope for a good 1080p IPS screen with enough brightness and great colors. It would even be better if Android 5.0 comes out of the box, make that happen Meizu.

  2. realjjj
    December 12, 2014

    Meh, here they are just dumping inventory before it gets discontinued.
    The more interesting questions about the 4.6 inch Blue Charm are will it have microSD and are they using the 21MP cam.In the end if it’s 4.6 inch ,it’s a big mistake, would have been ok this year but this one and the Redmi 2 should be 5 inch if the target is the mainstream.The average screen size has been going up and now it was time for 5 inch not less.Meizu likely went small to save money but if Xiaomi matches the specs at 5 inch,they’ll win. Ofc maybe Xiaomi dropped the ball and they don’t have anything good enough soon.Meizu could have an advantage if they got the 21MP cam and if Xiaomi goes with Snapdragon since the 410 and 615 seem rather weak.

  3. The Bastard Christ
    December 12, 2014

    If it’s not dual sim, no chance competing with redmi series.

  4. Guaire
    December 13, 2014

    Their roadmap leaked. Seems like there isn’t a smaller version. Price tag is 999 yuan. No suprise there. Also there are other machines.

    Maybe somebody knows Chinese could enlighten us, what are those.