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Meizu and Blue Charm set to take it to the second step of separation with separate websites

LiNan’s MeiLan Plans To Launch New Website in another sign that the company is splitting from Meizu.

Rumour has it that Meizu and its Subbrand “Blue Charm” are set to split from one another.

It seems that Meizu VP knew what he was talking about when he leaked that a new mid-range smartphone will be announced soon. That’s why …

meizu mx6s

Earlier today, VP of Meizu Li Nan posted the most official details we’ve had about the Meizu MX6S we’ve had so far. Nan, states that …

meizu pro 6 render

Meizu boss Li Nan has been chatting with a fan today about the Meizu Pro 6 leading to the confirmation that it will not have 2K display among other interesting details.

meizu pro 5 mini

It seems like there is only a few months between each Meizu phone launch, and that’s because there is. The phone maker is intent on launching more device and we could see their latest in early 2016.

gold m5 pro

Meizu’s quest to copy and follow Apple at every step almost meant the introduction of a ‘Rose Gold’ Meizu Pro 5, but the company boss says the colour is too difficult to copy.

meizu m1 mini real

If you don’t want to see what the Meizu m1 mini looks like, turn away now! Also, you will want to steer clear of Meizu VP Li Nan’s Weibo account where the original photo was posted!

meizu mx4 pro review

An exciting rumour that Meizu and Nokia could be working together has been debunked today by non other than Meizu VP Li Nan.

meizu mx2 price

With the Meizu Blue Charm phone launch later this month, the Zhuhai phone maker has slashed pricing of it’s older MX2, could this be a sign of things to come?

meizu mx4 pro leaked

Since the start of the Meizu MX4 Pro rumours, we have been banking on a device with a Samsung Exynos 5433 chip, but with less than a week to go Li Nan says that’s a no go!

meizu MX4 pro launch price

Ecommerce sites in China have posted a mysterious presale device that coinsides with the 19th November launch date of the Meizu MX4 Pro.

Vice CEO of Meizu, Li Nan, has continued it conversation about the Meizu MX4 on Weibo by confirming the phone will launch sometime in November.