Meizu Boss Li Nan Leaks “Polished” MX6S

meizu mx6s

Earlier today, VP of Meizu Li Nan posted the most official details we’ve had about the Meizu MX6S we’ve had so far.

Nan, states that the upgraded Meizu MX6S will be a ‘polished’ version of the current MX6, and will retain a Mediatek Helio X25 chipset. In fact, the boss states that the X25 is sufficient for daily use and it wasn’t worth pursuing an update at this stage.

His post also takes a pop at Smartphones using Snapdragon 820 chipsets, and the fact that many have already been superseded this year with new models. Ironic considering how fast Meizu have been known to replace phones.

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Nan hasn’t stated what updates the MX6S will have but has said for fans to expect a more polished and better-optimised phone. The launch date for the MX6S is the 31st of October! Will it be a Trick or Treat?

Our advice is if you want a phone that looks like a Meizu MX6S and features a Helio X25 chipset is you go for the current Meizu MX6 which is on sale for as little as $260!

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  1. MattD
    October 24, 2016

    “In fact, the boss states that the X25 is sufficient for daily use and it wasn’t worth pursuing an update at this stage.”

    Yeah, also a sd410 or a mt6735 are sufficient for everyday use, but we’re not paying more than a flagship price (higher than the 1999 yuan price tag) for having just barely enough horsepower for messaging, phone calls and such…
    Again: x20 and x25 are good chips, but it’s totally retarded to launch devices with those chips for a price higher than sd820/821 without a single extra feature worth paying for (unless you think “ridiculous battery” is a nice feature because iphone has one)

    • VMortens
      October 24, 2016

      True. BG shop sells ZUK Z2 for bit over 200$ now (after applying a code of course) and the battery there is way bigger too.
      I read in news today, that Meziu will be releasing M5 phone, that doesn’t differ at all form M3 model.
      Meizu seems to be loosing the track completely. I like Flyme a lot, but what this company is doing is just a joke.

      • MattD
        October 24, 2016

        Yep, m5 will be a spyware-packed yunos powered m3… They’ve lost their way… they should really take their time, dismiss whoever is having all of those stupid ideas, and come back with something good for a reasonable price…

  2. October 24, 2016

    The X20 is a great chip, if properly cooled and optimized it cuts thorough anything you throw at it. My problem is that for that amount of money they should have a better camera and the MX6 and Pro6 failed to impress, so if the redeem here, it will be a good device to buy.

    • October 24, 2016

      Meizu seems to waste the potential of new Mediatek chipsets.
      For example, Bluboo does more with MT6750 than their devices do.

      Plus, there aren’t many decent options left other than the Le 2/Pro, Redmi Pro & the Redmi Note 4 running it.
      Apollo Lite has battery issues.
      HT10 has several issues, mainly with the iris-scanner restarting the device.
      Doogee is very unreliable.
      Speed 8, although decent, eloped to India and we can’t find it selling anywhere.

      Elephone R9 & S7 are coming up.
      I HATE ELEPHONE. Their devices have several hardware issues, most of them overheating when running games/ lengthyvideo playback.
      So I’m not going to consider the devices at all unless there are credible reviews stating otherwise.

      Which X20/25 phones do you recommend though?
      I don’t want to spend over $200 on it though; have already spent $210 on ZUK Z2.