Meizu And Blue Charm Could Split

Rumour has it that Meizu and its Subbrand “Blue Charm” are set to split from one another.

For a few years now Meizu has been launching budget phones under the Blue Charm name or in China “Meilan”. This sub-brand was set up as a response to phones from Xiaomi’s Redmi range, but while Redmi remains part of Xioami, Meilan could soon split from its parent company.

Apparently, the split would see former CMO of Huawei, Zhe Yang take over the day to day running of Meizu while Li Nan would move to the Meilan brand and become it’s CEO.

The rumours have sparked quite a controversy on Chinese social media with some fans criticising the idea while other welcoming a split so long as it sees Meilan move to Qualcomm chipsets and Meizu move back to Exynos processors from Samsung.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on the news and will post updates as soon as we get more information.

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