Xiaomi: that’s why the Mi 6 flagship lacks a 3.5mm audio jack

I guess we all loved the specs, design and pricing of the new Xiaomi Mi 6 but I am sure there are some of you out there who weren’t happy to find out that the most awaited flagship comes with USB Type-C slot – only, and lacks a 3.5mm audio jack.

mi 6

We’re not going to debate whether it’s good or bad to use such a slot but we’re going to learn what Xiaomi thinks about it and why they decided to axe it. So, according to a statement received by Android Central, the main reason was to save space for a larger battery:

“Smartphones are highly-integrated products and internal space is precious,” the statement says. “By removing the headphone jack, we can save room for other components such as a bigger battery. Audio through USB Type-C is becoming more common, and will continue to provide excellent sound quality.”

It seems that Xiaomi is true however, with the Mi 6 packing a 10,5% larger battery (3350 mAh) than the Xiaomi Mi5 (3000 mAh). There are also rumors that another reason that forced Xiaomi to axe the 3.5mm audio jack was the placement of the dual camera on the top side of the Mi 6.

In any case what’s done is done. After all you can always use your beloved headphones to listen to music using the USB Type-C to 3.5 mm adapter that you will find in the box of the brand new Xiaomi Mi 6 you’ll buy eventually. 😉

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