Meizu Will Abandon Rear Screen With Full Screen Flagship

Meizu is once again guilty of throwing away tech after a short time on the market, this time around it’s the Pro 7s rear screen that has come under fire.

Meizu is guilty of cutting off technology in its prime. In the case of the Meizu MX4 Pro, the company stopped supporting their 2K flagship after only a few months on the market. Then there was the forced move from capacitive home buttons to physical buttons and now the Pro 7s mBack Screen is looking at an early death.

Meizu Pro 7 Meizu Pro 7 Plus

This time around though the mBack Screen won’t be making a comeback on the next Meizu flagship due to poor sales performance. This was confirmed by Meizu VP Chun-Min Chu, and has been backed up with a leak of the rear panel of an upcoming Meizu smartphone.

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The leaked image shows a typically Meizu looking handset with room for dual rear cameras and a fingerprint scanner suggesting that the new phone won’t have room on the front for Meizu’s physical home button/fingerprint combo.

A second leaked image shows a phone that is said to be the front of a full-screen Meizu device, but it is unclear if this is a Meizu phone or one of Li Nan’s Blue Charm phones that has been confirmed for launch next year.

It’s sad to see that a rear screen won’t be making a comeback on future Meizu phones as we thought it was actually one of the greatest new features from a phone maker in some time. Having a secondary rear display could have allowed phone makers to spec rear cameras only (with the rear screen used for selfies) leaving space inside of the phone for a larger battery and allowing more room for larger displays too.

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