Li Nan says ‘Rose Gold’ is hard to copy

gold m5 pro

Meizu’s quest to copy and follow Apple at every step almost meant the introduction of a ‘Rose Gold’ Meizu Pro 5, but the company boss says the colour is too difficult to copy.

Fans of the Zhuhai phone maker have posted images of a Meizu Pro 5 render in Rose Gold alongside an iPhone 6S of the same colour, with question aimed at Li Nan, if a ‘Rose Gold’ Pro 5 is on the cards. What’s interesting here is that even Meizu’s own fans are clearly expecting the phone maker to copy Apple’s latest iPhone 6S, and Li Nan doesn’t seem to mind as he reposted the question on his own Weibo.

Meizu have long been known as iPhone clone makers. At the start of the Meizu phone range, the company got in serious trouble when they launch their Meizu M8 shortly after the original iPhone. Then with the release of the Meizu MX line-up each phone has been a slight variation on the iPhone 3G, even going so far to use iPhone 5C shells as invite gifts for the Meizu m1 range.

Li Nan might think it is just a little bit of harmless fun to be compared to Apple, but the tech industry is getting a little tired of their inability to think for themselves. Will we ever see an original product from Meizu?

And as for ‘Rose Gold’ they did plan to use the colour, but at this point it has proven to difficult for them to copy!

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