4.7-inch Meizu Pro 5 Mini real photo leaked

Just when we thought all bets were off and the rumoured Meizu Pro 5 mini had disappeared, the above leaked photo shows up and tells us its all still on!

Late last year Meizu rumours all centered around a new mini flagship phone that would have a smaller 4.7-inch display but retain a high-quality metal build and top of the range hardware. Since then other Meizu rumours about an new Ubuntu device and the MX6 have taken over headlines but the Pro 5 mini is back!

The image showed up earlier today and shows the Meizu Pro 5 in the hand of someone with the mini 4.7-inch phone sat on the desk next to it.

From the image we can see that the Meizu Pro 5 Mini is another all metal design and instead of laser focus the phone has dual LED flash beneath the rear camera (which we guess is a 20.7 mega-pixel camera).

The phone is much smaller than the Pro 5 and we can imagine that a lot of people will be interested in the device if it has similar high-end hardware to the flagship Meizu. The reports which accompanied the image suggest a Helio X20 chip, but we would prefer that Mediatek SoC’s remain in the MX range and the Pro range get Samsung or even Qualcomm chips.

As for pricing Li Nan suggest that the tiny flagship will go on sale in April with a price of around 2499 Yuan!

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