Phone check: A look inside the Vivo X5 Max, worlds thinnest phone!

vivo x5 max tear down

Making a super slim phone isn’t an easy task so how, and why do they actually do it? Let’s delve inside the Vivo X5 Max to find out!

Before the Vivo X5 Max was launched, I was lucky enough to visit Vivo in Shenzhen and speak to them about the new phone and even managed to bag myself an early preview.

Like many of you I wondered what where Vivo’s motives behind the building a super thin phone and was given a few answers as to why a company should build a 4.75mm slim Android phone.

The Vivo representative we spoke to explained that building a new phone with a slim body presented new engineering challenges and allowed Vivo to make break through in design and manufacture that we will see on future phones. So expect slimmer and strong phones from Vivo this point on.

vivo x5 max tear down

Another interesting reason for a slim phone was marketing. In China having the biggest, fastest or thinnest of something accounts for a lot when showing off friends or business partners. Having a super thin phone impresses friends and also spreads Vivo and their phone via word of mouth and social marketing.

So those are the whys, but what about the hows?

The secret behind the Vivo X5 Max’s thin body is the internal placement of the key components. Vivo claim that 90% of the internal hardware sits on the left hand side of the phone, with the 2000mAh battery living on the right.

vivo x5 max tear down

The battery position is key too, as it sits almost in the center (lengthways) on the phone and is the most heavy component. This helps to create a nice balance when in your hand.

The X5 Max also uses the world’s slimmest external speaker (less than 3mm). With these design choices Vivo were able to shave off 1.7mm of the overall thickness of the X5 Max, while retaining a large (for the size) 2000mAh battery , Super AMOLED display, HIFI Audio components, dual SIM (or single sim with SD), and 3.5mm headphone jack! Quite impressive if you can afford the 2998 Yuan price tag.

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vivo x5 max tear down 7 vivo x5 max tear down 10 vivo x5 max tear down 8

We have already spoken with Vivo and will be receiving a review unit early next year, we also hope to score the next generation Xplay soon after too!

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