Elephone P5000 full specifications revealed! Include fingerprint ID, and 4 day battery

Elephone P5000 full specifications revealed! Include fingerprint ID, and 4 day battery

elephone p5000

The Elephone P5000 enters Elephone’s miss mash of phones with, home button embedded fingerprint reader, 2GB RAM and large battery.

Elephone’s range is getting a little confusing to look through, but if you dig around there are a few gems to be found like the new Elephone P5000.

As the rumours said the P5000 has a large battery, but it is bigger than the 5000mAh cell we initially believed. The battery in the P5000 is now a 5350mAh cell, large enough to offer 4 days of battery life and act as a power bank via the OTG USB in the base.

elephone p5000

A 4 day claimed battery life is pretty good by most of today’s Android smartphones, but what is even more so is that the P5000 manages to measure in at a respectable 9.3mm in thickness with space for dual SIM, micro SD and even includes fast charging. In comparison the Meizu MX4 Pro is 9mm thick with single sim, no SD and a smaller 3350mAh battery.

elephone p5000

The comparison to the MX4 Pro doesn’t end there though, the new Elephone also boasts a similar home button with built-in fingerprint scanner for security hidden behinds a slim physical button.

Mediatek provide the processor, in this case a 1.7Ghz MT6592 octacore chip. There is also 2GB RAM and 16GB of internal memory which can be expanded via the SD memory slot.

elephone p5000

A 5V 2A charger can charge the large battery to 70% in only half an hour, according to the Elephone website, and even the camera specs look good on paper too, with a 16 mega-pixel sensor on the rear and 8 mega-pixel sensor on the front.

Elephone P5000 Specifications

elephone p5000

Elephone P5000
1920 x 1080
8 core
Memory16GB Internal

SD ExpansionYes
Dual SIMYes
Bluetooth 4.0
Android Version 4.4 Kitkat
4 days battery life
Dimensions144 x 71 x 9.3mm
Special FeaturesFingerprint scanner
Fast charger
Rear Camera16 mega-pixel
Front Camera8 mega-pixel
Release DateJanuary (estimated)

The only feature the phone misses out on is LTE, but a 4 day battery life more than makes up for that in our book. All that remains to be revealed about the Elephone P5000 is the actual launch date and the price of the phone.

What do you make of the Elephone P5000? How much would you be willing to pay for this Chinese smartphone with packed spec?

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  • Rob

    Despite their confusing naming system, this looks like a very promising phone (on paper). I have to say that if it’s not launching till next year, then surely one of the newer 64bit SoCs would have been better giving it 4G and probably an increase in battery life. The 6592 is an odd choice for a relatively high end phone in your range with the imminent release of 6752 phones in the next few weeks.

  • Manos

    Why the old chip? At the forum say that it will be the New 64 bit chip! if they use the old one it will be a disaster for good!

  • They completely lost me at MT6592.

    • Vince

      Thats the model# of the CPU.. majority of the chinese market use the Mediatek processor.. Ive been buying these phones since 08′ and in 6yrs mediatek has made leaps and bounds in improving their processor lines.. to save you a lot of hassle do not buy anything less than a quad core which the model#s are MT6582 (1.2ghz) MT6589 (1.5ghz) or MT8382 & MT8389(tablet versions) The MT6592 is their newest 8-core processor but it doesnt use all 8 simultaneously but more closer to switching between 2-3 cores at a time usually only 4-6 cores are utilzed at any given moment Ive never gotten all 8 to run continuously…

      • cesc

        Sorry, you are wrong, mtk6592 has been out for about a year, it’s the old processor, what is disappointing is that mtk 64 bit processor are out and they are still mounting this old 8 core again, with mtk6752 for 20-30 dollars more it could have been perfect

  • Marco Lancaster

    Insanely nice battery! That’s what we want, not crazy thin devices with bullshit battery… Anyway, could have LTE, even not being necessary for most people in the world, could have.

    • Kamui

      But now the problem is their crappy roms. Companies with good support and ROMS can make this beast last for 6 even 6 days in normal use. Hope they will invest on that model but I doubt it.

      • Raul

        Elephone have close to stock rom, so why is it crappy ?

    • Darwin

      Check ZeroLemon

  • realjjj

    They need to phase out A7 based SoCs in anything over 100$.

  • Miko

    with a better SoC and LTE this phone surely would be a serious killer in international market.
    Ofcourse we need to see how well-built is this phone and the price of it. I hope you will get a chance to do a review on this phone once it’s out in the market, Andi!

  • Minim

    Can anyone calculate how much mAh you get with 2A in 30 min?
    I don’t get how they can manage 70% (3745mAh) out of 5350mAh with 2A in half hour.

    • Minim

      even with no loss to get 2Ah you need 1 hour at 2A
      so they need to charge at least 7 or 8 A

    • iKosh

      I don’t believe that the battery is 5350mAh. Some Chinese manufacturers lie about battery specs.

      • rene

        Some, too very true, the Ipad mini has a 4500mah battery ( 8 inch screen ) I am wondering how they fit a 5350 in a 5 inch. on aliexpress you can buy batteries with mah ratings that are not technically possible yet

        • desponent

          New battery tech that’s how. Look at THL5000 with its Amprius battery, it’s already been tested to be true. Not sure about this one yet though.

          • rene

            yes, they got 30mil funding in january and since then nobody heard from them anymore

      • Minim

        i could believe in size of battery but i cant believe that it gets 70% charge in 30min with 2A charger, because even without efficiency loss in 30min from 2A you get 1000mAh

        • Wiwild

          The battery is 5350mah at 3.7V what gives us 19.61 Wh, with the fast charge at 5.2V 2,5Ah we get 13Wh. But the battery is never fully discharged so ~ 10Wh are usable. So yes 30mins = 6,5Wh ~ 70% of the battery.

  • Muhammad Yasir

    no LTE , so not worth it :/

  • Bailey

    Oh Elephone wake me up when this comes to market. They must just have people who sit around all day making mock pictures but they are very slow at getting the phones out. Let’s take for example the P4000 that has been coming soon for months it not coming out according to Elephone until January 2015

  • Daniel Sánchez

    They said that there will be two versions, one with 3g and another with 4g

    • tilmue

      Well lets hope the 4G one will have a MT6752 LTE and 3GB of RAM.

  • Even ThL 5000 have a slightly faster SoC… with 64 bits and LTE flooding the tech world they miss it.

  • guest

    Once again, useless. I’m 140% sure that the battery will last less than any Korean/ Japan/ USA phone with 2000mah 🙁 Just look at the rest of the chinese phones with huge batteries 🙁

    • Oz

      My One+ could easily last 2.5 days. It only has 3100mA battery

    • Vince

      I have the ulefone U7 7″ tablet phone and my batter is 3500mah and I get 28-32hrs by forcing it to deep sleep (running on one core in sleep mode ) when I turn off the display and turning off the display notifications (display uses 1watt when on at lowest level) normal use I get about 20hrs so its indeed possible.. my iphone battery sucks due to it not being able to locate a 3G tower consistently

    • desponent

      Like THL4000, THL5000 which got good life time review (after they sort out the ROM problem). And how currently my Jiayu G4S still only at its 50% despite being on its 5th day?

    • Minim

      I had Lenovo P780 with 4000mAh battery, for me with my mild usage it lasted a week, for ppl who sit whole day in facebook and similar things, it does last 2x compared to phones with 2000mAh battery

  • Jasper

    If they make an LTE version for no more than 260$ then I’d be willing to buy it.

  • Nemesis

    Wow, home botton is integrated with fingerprint scanner. Is it area-type such as Ascend Mate7, Oppo N3 ?

  • R. M

    someone please give me a good reason for them not putting a LTE chip for a few shekels…

    • Vince

      The MT6592 (1st gen octocore) doesnt support it..i dont think LTE was a widespread option in china when this was on the design table.. the newer 2nd gens MT6732, 6752 & 6795 (64bit 2.2ghz) octocore processors will support LTE

    • desponent


  • desponent

    I don’t care with having old chip (it’s fast enough for anything you want to do on a phone) and I have an LTE mifi so it’s not really a problem.

    HOWEVER, having MT6592 mean it’s going to be stuck at Android 4.4.2 and that’s seriously a major dealbreaker. What a shame, such a nice phone too.

  • Ivo001

    I really hate that samsung-like physical button. Touch only for me.

  • Ba4oKiko

    no gps?

  • jasneskis

    Nice specs, but I prefer the larger 5.5-inch size.

  • Nancy

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    Elephone P5000 recovery download here : http://pan.baidu.com/s/1qW7HPt… Password: 16b1


    Hi, how can I get and buy this Elephone P5000?
    I am in Tanzania.