Another look at a possible Xiaomi leaked prototype

xiaomi prototype leaked

Just today we posted images which are believed to be of a future Xiaomi phone, and here is another possible spy photo of a future Mi phone.

It’s not clear if the model pictured on a desk top somewhere in China is meant to be a Xiaomi Mi5, an update to the Mi4 or possibly the new Redmi, but if I had to put money on it I would say that this is the Xiaomi Redmi 2.

The spy photos give us to angles to look at the new phone, which show design characteristic of the Mi Pad, and Xiaomi Mi3, which would further point at a lower cost phone with a plastic construction.

The images don’t give too many details however the Mi logo is there, and we can make out a volume rocker on the left and a USB blue in the base. It’s hard to tell the size of the phone but offering up device I have to a keyboard would give us a phone size of between 5.5-inch to 6-inch.

While we are pretty sure this is a Redmi, Chinese tech sites where the image was originally posted believe that this is the Xiaomi Mi5, which could features a 2K display, Snapdragon 810 processor and a price tag of up to 2999 Yuan!

What do you think? Redmi, Mi5, or a fake?

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