China’s OPPO expected to ship a massive 50 million phones next year

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Although budget wars are nothing but heating up, China’s OPPO seems rather unfazed. Although Chinese, the OEM isn’t particularly known for its budget phones. Rather, innovation is what OPPO likes to be associated with — the OPPO N3 and the OPPO R5, the companies two of the most recent releases, are both known to push the limits of design and engineering. While the OPPO R5 is a seriously thin device (it was the world’s thinnest until Vivo decided to launch the X5 Max), the N3 comes with a swivel camera module, which is motorized.

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The company shipped an estimated 25-30 million smartphones this year, which is expected to nearly double by the next year to 50 million, reports Digitimes. According to the source, the main market for OPPO will remain to be its home country of China, wherein it is expected to ship a whopping 35 million phones. The remaining 15 million will be for the international market, where the company has been surprisingly active in the last year or so, expanding into countries like India, Australia, etc.

Indonesia happens to be a major playground for OPPO, where the company enjoys a healthy 6.5% market share. Considering that it hasn’t been long since it stepped out of China, that isn’t nearly bad. In fact, as the sources report, the company is exploring the possibility of setting up a manufacturing plant in Indonesia.

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  1. Renky89
    December 25, 2014

    With their terrible software support I hope not…

  2. Muhammad Yasir
    December 25, 2014

    too expensive…

  3. realjjj
    December 25, 2014

    What really matters is the volume for BBK since they own Oppo and Vivo and the total gets a lot bigger.
    Still the big 3 are ahead (Huawei, Lenovo and Xiaomi) and will stay ahead next year. Coolpad , BBK and the others will just try to keep up. Huawei got more aggressive ,pushing Honor in EU, India , Brazil so they should grow plenty. Lenovo got Moto and that will keep them in the race for now while Xiaomi is expanding to more markets.

  4. eliHd
    December 25, 2014

    Color OS 2.0 is sh**e and their software support is absolutely awful!. they keep on releasing beta versions and let us, the buyers, to be their guinnea pigs! Its all fine if you pay $200-$300 phone but paying $500 and no OTA update, you have to flash it yourself, they gonna fall big time in 2015! I have oppo f7a and will never touch this company ever again.

  5. Charlie
    December 26, 2014

    BE CAREFUL If you rally think about buying oppo, that is my recent story with theirs service and retailer oppostyle !