Unboxing the MeeGo Pad T01 TV stick: The world’s smallest Windows PC!

The MeeGo Pad T01 stirred quite a revelation when we first heard about it back in November. And it’s natural; it’s a bloody tiny piece of kit that has the internals to replace an entry-level desktop… especially for people like the ones on the GizChina team. Writing and basic photo editing is what we do most on the computer (besides surfing the web, of course), which doesn’t always require 8GB and 16GB RAM systems.

The MeeGo Pad is a lightweight (both, in the literal and virtual sense) device that looks a lot like your USB thumb drive. It runs full Windows 8.1 right out of the box something that a lot of Android PC connoisseurs have been asking for since as long as memory can remember.


At the moment, it costs as much as entry-level Windows 8.1 powered tablets, but that’s how the market works. The price will soon go down, and the product will be made available for a lesser price. That being said, the $110 asking price it has right now is by no means an unfair premium to pay.


We received the device today, and played with it for a while… set it up, browsed the web (and installed Chrome, haha), etc. The initial impressions are extremely positive. I’ll be using it as my main PC just to see how it all works, and then post a full review here at GizChina in the coming weeks.

MeeGo Pad T01 unboxing video

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJkJOOBrJ8M]

Meanwhile, feel free to drop any questions/comments that you might have about the device and we’ll make sure you get the bit of information you’re after.

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