Meizu boss confirms smaller Redmi 2 killer will be added to their lineup this year

meizu note leaked

Meizu boss Huang Zhang has confirmed on Weibo that a smaller Meizu handset will launch this year which will compete directly with the recently launched Xiaomi Redmi 2.

Yesterday details of the Xiaomi Redmi 2 were revealed listing the phone as a 699 Yuan device with Snapdragon 410 chipset, slightly larger battery and a slightly thinner design (compared to the Redmi 1S). Although specifications were a little underwhelming for the Redmi 2, it still weighs in as a good phone for the money and will likely prove to be popular in China and other emerging markets.

Well that’s Xiaomi’s plan at least, until Meizu bosses confirmed today a new low-cost Meizu phone is coming to market soon that will compete on price and have better specification than the Redmi 2.

All that has been confirmed is the new Meizu will have a display size of around 5-inch, likely 4.7-inch as these leaks pointed out late last year. Chances are it will be a FHD 1080 phone powered by a Mediatek 64bit processor and have similar unibody construction as the Meizu m1 note.

A launch date and pricing are still unconfirmed but we expect t see the mystery phone ahead of the Chinese New Year celebrations coming in a few weeks.

[ Weibo ]
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