Hands on photos and impressions of the No.1 G2 smartwatch

no1 g2

No.1’s G2 smartwatch, also known as the Galaxy Gear wannabe, has been on sale for sometime and our sister site GizChina.es finally got some hands on time with it.

If you read Spanish then you can head right over to the hands on and video introduction of the No.1 G2 on GizChina.es here. If not then let us fill you in on how the watch looks, feels and acts.

Luckily we actually managed to get our hands on the same watch GizChina.es has on review last evening, and with fresh memories on our mind we can give you a few of the details.

First of all that silver body is in fact made of a polished metal, and is very smooth and of a great shape. The touch screen, a very responsive one at that, sits in the middle of the body with a single physical home button below and camera above it on the top edge.

The metal body meets a plastic rear panel where there is a pulse monitor and also dock connectors for charging the watch. Speaking with GizChina.es, battery life is as good (or bad) as the original LG G Watch, so we are looking at around a day of use.

Smartwatch features are limited to simply displaying all system notifications (from the phone the G2 is sync’d with), pedometer, weather reporting, heart rate monitor and the built-in camera.

Overall the device feels and looks great, but with limited functionality and poor battery life we wonder if this like , like many other smartwatches, are really worth owning?

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