The Saygus V2 threatens Chinese smartphone domination with kevlar body and upto 320GB memory!

saygus v2

Chinese smartphone makers are enjoying all the attention that they are currently getting, but don’t think that other countries phone makers are sitting back while China take the lead! Case in point the amazing Saygus V2.

If I hadn’t seen hands on video of the Saygu2 V2 I would have been very skeptical as to the authenticity of the device and the claims it’s manufacturer makes. The specification sounds so far fetched my thought’s initially went back to the Xodium ‘phone’ that promised the Earth but delivered nothing.

As far as I can tell, the Saygus V2 is real, and so is the amazing hardware that includes up to 320GB of memory (64Gb built in and the rest from dual SD cards), 3GB RAM, Snapdragon processor, LTE and full Kevlar body.

It doesn’t end there though as both the front (13 mega-pixel) and rear (20 mega-pixel) camera’s have OIS as standard, there is a 3100mAh battery with wireless QI charging, and the 5-inch FHD display has a Gorilla Glass 4 display!

Saygus are currently showing off the Saygus V2 at CES where it is already wowing show goers despite no one yet knowing the launch date or retail price!

Looks like a killer phone to us, and we can’t wait to learn more about it!

Thanks to Simon for the tip!

[ Via CNet ]
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