Xiaomi’s Leadcore powered budget phone receives network license

leadcore xiaomi redmi

Xiaomi are all up in the headlines today, now after receiving its network license for a new budget phone powered by a Leadcore chip and rumoured $65 launch price!

If Hugo Barra came to us with a single wish to make Xiaomi better, it wouldn’t be to make them even cheaper! (it would be to updated all device to the latest Android version ASAP if anyone is interested). Xiaomi phones can hardly be descried as expensive, and even with pressure from rivals, the Redmi range is still a good value series of phones to own.

But Xiaomi want to go cheaper, and they are planning to do so with a new phone powered by a Chinese processor from Leadcore, the company Xiaomi invested in late last year.

With a recently approved network license, chances are the Leadcore Xiaomi will launch on the 15th with a new flagship Xiaomi phone.

The TENAA details show a phone which looks identical to the current Redmi 2, in fact you need to delve in to the hardware to uncover that the phone uses a 1.6Ghz LC1860 Leadcore processor rather than a Snapdragon 410.

Other than the processor difference the rest of the hardware appears to be exaclty the same, 8 mega-pixel rear camera, 2 mega-pixel front, 1GB RAM, 4.7-inch 720p display, LTE etc.

With such similar hardware, design and LTE, we wonder if users considering the 699 Yuan Redmi 2 might be swayed to purchase the 399 Yuan (rumoured price) Leadcore Redmi?

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