Xiaomi Opera? Xiaomi will launch a new, lighter, bigger flagship, with HIFI audio

So far Xiaomi’s teasers have pointed at something new, and that’s what we believe we are going to see at the 15th Jan event. Not a Xiaomi Mi5, or a new Redmi Note 2, but a new phone all together.

A few days ago we pointed out that teasers of the new Xiaomi phone suggested that Xiaomi could be going down the path of building a higher quality product aimed at a similar target market as the Oppo R5 and Vivo X5 Max, but with all the Mi5 ‘leaks’ we got a little sidetracked.

Today’s leak, suggest to us that our gut feeling was right and we will see a new phablet from Xiaomi. It will be a flagship in terms of build and design, but it won’t be succeeding the Mi5 or anything in the Redmi range. It is going to be something new!

Xiaomi have been concentrating on their build quality and design of late, this is evident in the Mi4, but we believe that the 4th largest phone maker now wants to be seen as a company who can build high quality, desirable products with great design, and still at a reasonable price! This could be the first Xiaomi phone that embodies Xiaomi’s own style and breaks away from the bland look of the Redmi range and Apple inspired products of the past.

it sounds like an all new flagship phablet an “Mi4 Note” or “Xiaomi Opera” perhaps?

Looking at the teasers the new Xiaomi product is going to be larger, thinner, and better designed than any other Xiaomi phone to date. We believe that the cases and leaks we postes previously could be similar to the actual design of the new phone, but will look better than we had expected.

This latest teaser posted by Xiaomi gives us the most damning evidence yet that the next Xiaomi flagship will be a new phone. I have quickly circled the most obvious words in the puzzle, feel free to look for others and post then in the comments:

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xiaomi puzzle solved


What I found were:

  • Bigger
  • Sound
  • HIFI
  • Glass
  • Money
  • Lighter
  • Large
  • New
  • UNi

Update also found:

  • Note is also on the list, so a flagship phablet device is very likely. Perhaps a Xiaomi Mi4 Note?
  • OIS
  • Faster
  • Opera (it is rumoured that this new device could be called the Xiaomi Opera)

I’m sure there are more in there and I will continue to look (just needed to get this news posted). Im not sure if “uni’ is actually part of the puzzle but it could point to a unibody design.

The other words are certainly clues “new” and the fact the puzzle is saying “hello” means this is a phone we have not seen yet. Xiaomi are bringing us something all new, that cannot be a Redmi Note 2 or a Mi5, it sounds like an all new flagship phablet an “Mi4 Note”, or “Xiaomi Opera” perhaps!

Xiaomi Opera?

Features of the new phone are also different to what Xiaomi have focussed on in the past, and show a change in direction for the brand. Audio quality, large display, glass panels are all features that we have seen on rival phones but not on Xiaomi devices.

The above puzzle also mentions the name “Opera” which might the title of a new range of Xiaomi Opera phones that includes 2 devices at launch.

As you can see we are pretty sure that something new is on the horizon, our only question will this new phone remain at the 1999 Yuan or below price that previous Xiaomi phones have shipped for, or is this new phone going to enter a slightly higher price bracket to fend off other high-class smartphones?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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