First Yureka sale over before you could even say Eureka!

First Yureka sale over before you could even say Eureka!


Micromax finally upped the ante last month with the launch of it’s own sub brand, Yureka. Even though I’d have liked the brand more if they spelled it like it’s meant to be spelled. Nonetheless, they have my full attention, and more with the Yu which follows the OnePlus ideology a bit, yet is priced less than half.

The catch is that the Yu Yureka is India-only for now. The device looks like a well made one… GizChina readers might know it as the Coolpad F2 4G. Yu however sell the phone with CyanogenMod on top of Android, which is quite the ‘in’ thing these days. Nonetheless, the device has been well received by not only geeks, but also the everyday smartphone users. Testimony to this is the fact that 10,000 units of the Yu Yureka sold out in just 3 seconds in India today morning.

The phone was made available via Amazon India, which is also OnePlus’ exclusive retails partner for the OnePlus One in the country. At 8,999 INR (US$144), the Yureka is, and understandably so, an extremely lucrative proposition with its 2GB RAM and 64-bit Qualcomm SoC. The next sale day is set as 22nd January.

We’re trying to get our hands on the Yureka for review. Meanwhile, let us know what you think about this phone. What would be the maximum price you would be happy to pay for a device like this?

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  • Pratesh

    Yu didn’t have 10,000 units in India according to Zauba website, but less than 5000. Therefore they try to do Xiaomi like PR

    • Heard that also. Have reached out to Micromax/Yu for a word on this, lets see what they have to say.

    • rish

      zauba is slow sometimes in updating their entry…

      atleast it shows 7200 units have been imported.. rest 3k units will be updated soon i think..
      this same thing happened at the time of xiaomi sale as well..

  • Muhammad Yasir

    come on man! bring it to pakistan!

    • Yeti hand

      nah pakistan is too badass for them, only killer like elephone p7000, jiayu s3 et cetera will set a foot there

      • Muhammad Yasir

        lel , i hope so. But Huawei(which has local offices here) wil be killed off if Elephone or Jiayu set foot here. Its gonna be a few years before this happens. I’d start by asking a favour of our neighbours first 😀
        Then hopefully china will follow

        • There’s a good few years to go before JiaYu or Elephone start looking at other markets. Your best bet is Micromax, or even better a local company that works in a Micromax manner.

          • Muhammad Yasir

            thats true. But honestly , i wish , if we could easily (and duty freely) import smartphones from you guys!
            that’d be great for both of us 😀

            • Guest

              you can buy many chinese smartphones in pakistan through

            • Muhammad Yasir

              meh… prices are too high

            • Anand

              Holy Crap!
              Flipkart sells the Redmi 1S for INR 6000 which coinmill says is PKR9833. But your site sells them at PKR19,990 !!!

            • Muhammad Yasir


            • Anand

              We don’t actually make any phones here, we import from China too.

            • Muhammad Yasir

              yep, but its waayyy cheaper at yer side than at mine…

  • Shan

    India should lanch this in Pakistan too.

  • Lefizz

    I bought a CoolPAD f2 for £118 a few weeks ago. Superb device now I’m just waiting for the cyanogen rom to appear and I’m all set.

  • Manish

    It showed only 88% claimed but were out of stock. I sense something fishy here. Also buyers were shocked at the INR12500 price over which promo of INR3500 was given to sweeten the deal to INR8999… website crashed too and although the sale was to start at IST2pm many buyers reported to have bought the device at IST1:55pm!!