OnePlus One basket weave style swap cover teased by OnePlus

oneplus one basket weave

Style swap covers were one of the big features of the OnePlus One, so far we have only seen limited options, but a new basket weave model has been teased today by OnePlus China.

When the OPO was launched a number of alternative style swap covers were promised to coexist with the white ‘Baby Skin’and black ‘Sandstone’ options. Manufacturing issues meant that most of those plans were canceled and only limited quantities of the $50 Bamboo cover have been produced.

So if Bamboo, Black or White don’t suit your particular style then how about this new basket weave style swap cover, posted by OnePlus China on their official Weibo this morning.

There were no details with the post, but it seems highly likely that the weave is real and moulded in to place with resin for a smooth water-resistant finish. It also remains to be seen if OnePlus will actually release the basket weave style swap cover and how much it might be.

[ OnePlus Weibo ]
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