Ulefone working on Android 5.0 for their flagship Be Pro

ulefone be pro android 5

Ulefone aren’t waisting anytime with development of updates for the flagship Be Pro. Spy photos even show Android 5.0 Lollipop is undergoing final tests.

Ulefone are going to every effort to ensure everyone knows about their flagship Ulefone Be Pro. That includes the usual marketing methods, plus promising to bring Lollipop to their new phone as soon as possible, a promise backed up by actual photos.

The Be Pro is Ulefone’s big smartphone launch for the start of 2015, and like any self-respecting flagship of the year has one of Mediatek’s new 64bit processors. The MT6732 brings dual SIM LTE, an updated GPU along with faster clock speed (when compared to the previous MT6582), but it is the 64bit part of the hardware which is getting most of the attention, and with Android 5.0 the phone will actually be able to make good use of it.

The photos (found on the Ulefone Facebook page) show that Lollipop is on the way to the sub $200 phone, but as yet there is no official release date.

[ Ulefone Facebook ]
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