Xiaomi Mi Headphones announced to complement Mi Note Audio hardware

xiaomi mi headphones

One of the new features for the Xiaomi Mi Note is the improved audio thanks to a dedicated DAC processor, and what better way to hear the benefits than through Xiaomi own headphones.

The Mi Note launch is very much the first step for Xiaomi to be known just as the company for cheap tech, but a premium phone maker. Their aim is obviously to compete with Apple (obvious with the comparisons made at launch), but to start with they are looking closer to home, perhaps at Oppo, who might be concerned with Xiaomi’s premium headphones.

Xiaomi aren’t new to the accessory market, nor are they amateurs are making well priced, good performing earphones, but they are new to premium products. Their first premium accessory are the Mi Headphones, which come with leather look padding, red sticking and bling gold highlights.

Costing 499 Yuan (in China) they are still much more affordable than other brand name headphones, including those made by Oppo, but still represent quite a price increase for devoted Xiaomi fans to stomach.

xiaomi mi headphones

Specifications for the Mi Headphones are 50mm super sized beryllium diaphragm speakers, 25% larger than regular headphones. Soft, replaceable ear covers in either round or oval, silver plated cable and kevlar coated wires.

The Xiaomi headphones are sure to arrive in resellers across the globe once they are release for sale in China.

[ GizChina.it ]
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