OnePlus 2 rumours, 5.5-inch retained but boost resolution and performance

OnePlus 2 rumours, 5.5-inch retained but boost resolution and performance

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Purported specifications claim OnePlus 2 will retain a large display, but a second phone could be offered to fans of smaller devices.

With the Xiaomi launch over and done with, let us turn our attention to another much-anticipated device and it’s rumoured hardware specifications. For 2015 all eyes will be on OnePlus and their second generation phone to see if the company can manage to keep the momentum they started last year.

Rumours of the OnePlus 2 might not please some current OPO owners as it has been reported that the new flagship could retain the same 5.5-inch display size as the current phone. Since the original OnePlus launched many fans have asked Oneplus for a smaller device, but our sources say that screen size could remain the same.

While the screen size remains the resolution could see a bump to 2K, and we could also expect Oneplus designers to slim down the overall physical size of the phone.

Sources claim that the OnePlus 2 will have a Snapdragon 810 chipset, 4GB RAM, 3300mAh battery and of course ship with the OnePlus ROM based on Android 5.0. Pricing has also been speculated at a higher 2699 Yuan. Of course these are just the rumours, and we will have to wait and see what Oneplus finally launches.

If you have been looking for a more compact OnePlus device there still might be hope as a phone aimed at those who want style over flagship hardware has also been hinted at. So far details are unclear, but expect something along the lines of the Oppo R5.

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  • david

    if OP2 will not have dual sim i’ll buy xiaomi note pro

  • A4i

    Well, there always will be people, asking for mechanical keyboards, smaller screen or whatever feature they were using 10 years ago. That’s not enthusiast phone territory. Such people are better served by mainstream producers.

    • desponent

      Yeah it’s not like the smaller screen “features” constitute the vast majority of the phone landscape… Oh wait, it does.

      You’re right, people who’s not “enthusiast” should stop buying OPO. Let’s see how long that’ll last (or for OPO to last).

      • A4i

        If you are personally offended by a 5,5″ screen, take some electric tape and make it 4,3″, just like grandpa HTC HD2.

        • desponent

          Me? “Offended”? Why don’t you apply that to yourself lol.

          • A4i

            I just pointed the obvious solution. Put the phone in one-handed operation mode and use it that way. Additionally you can buy screen protector with bezels , covering that unused space or use electric tape. Problem solved. No more fear of gigantic screens.

            • desponent

              Haha okay. Thanks for the effort lol. There’s much better solution but that’d probably blow your mind.

  • Ruby

    How about a OnePlus 2 (with everything being the same as the OnePlus One but the screen size of 5″ and an upgraded SoC – SG805) for the same price as the OPO. And, separately, a OnePlus 2+ with the specs described in this article. OnePlus at some point has to stop being a one pony show.

  • Simon

    Would you choose the OnePlus 2 over the new Mi Note ?

    • William Overmars

      Depends if they get the price right. If not I’ll get the Xiaomi Mi Note pro for a little extra. And if the Xiaomi gets some custom roms like Cyanogenmod.

      • The Calm Critic

        “And if the Xiaomi gets some custom roms like Cyanogenmod.”
        That my friend is still an open risk judging from what I’m seeing at MIUI’s own forums. They can’t even get their own MIUI up to speed across own models yet.

        • Simon

          Is MIUI 6 still buggy ?

        • William Overmars

          Of course but I haven’t really seen any issues with Miui across their devices but all manufactures do have issues. I’m considering both though. Also because this is a Snapdragon 810 device, I think many developers may want to get their hands on this phone which may encourage Xiaomi to release the kernal for development on the Mi Note Pro which is always a possibility.

      • Simon

        Yes kernel sources need to be released. I may get Huawei Ascend P8, and then see what happening in about 15 months time with Xiaomi & OnePlus.

        • William Overmars

          I’m more leaning towards the Mi Note Pro because of the high end audio chips because I’m an “Audiophile”, but not so much with Miui. It’s not bad but I prefer Aosp roms. The OnePlus Two is always an option for me though but if the Mi Note Pro gets Cyanogenmod it’ll win for me.

    • Jason45

      The advantage of Oneplus is that they basically sell the phone for the same price in Europe or US as in China + 2 years warranty and without any import tax.

      • Simon

        I’m seriously contemplating this phone, when is it being unveiled ?

        • Jason45

          Most likely between 3 to 4 months from now.

  • trackREVIVER

    They are going to pull a Nexus 6, expect $100-200 more.

  • vfgg

    so Nexus 6 is a bad example to OEMs.

  • TheEvilPenguinGamer .

    Hopefully they drop the Jay Leno styling

  • Divine Jakiro

    camera no improve?

  • rememberus

    one thing is for sure, expect a price increase.

  • intruda

    Yay no baby fingers here.

    Bring it on

  • quasar2012

    When is possibile to buy it?? I hope is Mike The first opo but with The same display non quhd…. Qhd is not The right choice. It’ my opinion