Xiaomi could be entering the U.S but not with a phone

xiaomi ac

It’s no secret that Xiaomi have invested in Midea to build a smart home, but it is surprising that Xiaomi might use these appliances to enter the U.S market!

Xiaomi fever has hit all countries and fans who are not already in official launch areas are crying out for Xiaomi to release their products there. Of course Xiaomi do want to eventually sell their phones world wide but not before releasing smart home appliances.

Xiaomi are working on a new range of appliances with Chinese partner Midea and hope to build smartphone controlled air conditioners and other products, and it is these that might launch Xiaomi in foreign markets.

Xiaomi and Midea are now rumoured to be discussing the possibilities of launching their first smart home device, an air conditioner unit, in the United States. The idea is a solid one, it would also Xiaomi to enter the market and become a house hold brand, and give the company time to build it’s own design philosophy for mobile products, which is very much-needed in foreign markets.

As well as air conditioners, refrigerators and washing machines are also believed to be part of the project.

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