Exclusive Elephone interview reveals new Elephone P7000 photos and stunning new features

elephone p7000

Elephone P7000 news has been as rare as rocking horse teeth and there has been a reason for that, and as Elephone explained to us, users will be excited!

Elephone are known for having a diverse range of phones from the most simple $50 units, to some more ‘unique’ phones with features from finger print scanners to LTE. For 2015 they want to up their image a little and so are working on an all new model that might finally boast a design language of their own.

The Elephone P7000 quickly became the talk of the Chinese smartphone world a few weeks back when we published the first leaked photos of the device. Today we have more information and also spoke to Elephone as to why the release was taking longer than expected:

Elephone P7000 Interview

GC: When we first saw the Elephone P7000 we hoped that the launch would be sooner. What has happened?

Elephone: The images we released were of a prototype model, and although we were very happy with the design and aspects of the features we believed we could do better.

GC: Better? Could you tell us what improvement you have made?

Elephone: Most of the changes have occurred on the rear of the phone. We realised that the P7000 would attract power users so we wanted to increase the size of the battery and needed to modify the design a little.

GC: So what size battery does the Elephone p7000 have now?

Elephone: By increasing the thickness of the phone slightly we have managed to boost the battery size to a 3450mAh unit. While we were working on the battery we found a new supplier of  Li-Polymer units that we are happy with.

GC: Are there any more details added to the rear?

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Elephone: As our fans know us for our fingerprint security features, we wanted to add this to the flagship P7000 too. You can see in the new photos that the rear of the phone has a touch finger print scanner.

GC: Did you make any other changes to the Elephone P7000 during development?

Elephone: From a design point we haven’t changed other aspects of the phone.

GC: What about hardware or the operating system? Android 5.0 is the OS most fans are excited to use on their 64bit phones.

Elephone: Actually we have some exciting news about this. Our plan is to releases the Elephone P7000 with Android 5.0 Lollipop out of the box. Originally the plan was to update the phone, but as the launch will be a little later we can use the time to provide Lollipop or something else.

GC: You said “something else”. What do you mean by that? Ubuntu or another Android version?

Elephone: Another Android version.

GC: A custom ROM? Like Cyanogenmod or MIUI?

Elephone: Yes, like Cyanogenmod.

GC: Can you elaborate on this?

Elephone: At this time we cannot confirm anything, but our engineers and developers are seeing if it is possible to bring CM12 to the Elephone P7000. It is still unconfirmed though.

GC: Exciting news! Well thanks for your time and we look forward to the release.

Elephone: Thank you.

So there we have it! The Elephone P7000 is still in development and has had some very excting changes added and even the possibility of CyanogenMod 12 too. With the Chinese Spring Festival a few weeks away we likely won’t see the launch for a while now, but it could be well worth the extra wait.

[ Elephone.hk ]
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