THL 2015 leak confirms rear fingerprint scanner

thl 2015 leak

THL have confirmed that they plan to take part at MWC this year where they will launch their latest flagship phone. Here are the latest THL 2015 details.

Last week we posted exclusive details about the THL 2015 which showed off a striking metal chassis and seemed to show a fingerprint scanner to the rear. This morning another leak popped by the GizChina office confirming the fingerprint scanner and a few other details.

First up, this leak does confirm that the THL 2015 will get fingerprint security, however it is the older ‘swipe’ style fingerprint scanner rather than a more modern approach. As you can see the images shows a slim scanner which requires the user to swipe their finger across for the phone to read and decide if it should unlock or not. This is the same tech as found on the Vivo Xplay 3S which was announced late 2013, and is a little low-tech compared to some of the newer options.

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thl 2015 banner

In comparison the Meizu MX4 Pro, Oppo N3 and even the new Elephone P7000 use a touch scanner that simple needs the user to press their fingerprint on to it for a fast unlock.

Other details confirmed by the leaked image are the placement of the main camera (in the center of the rear) and just a single LED flash.

We hope to see more from THL during MWC as well as get some hands on time with their new range of phones.

The THL 2015 is already up on some sites for $245, we will have to wait until MWC to see what the final specs and price is.

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  1. Jimmy
    January 26, 2015

    Are you sure it´s a swipe sensor? In the picture it says “With a single touch”. Might be the new 1150 touch from Swedish Fingerprint Cards.

    • Airyl
      January 26, 2015

      Nope, pretty sure it’s a swipe sensor. The 1150 is a front facing home button style sensor like on the Meizu MX4 Pro.

  2. desponent
    January 26, 2015

    Swipe sensor on the back of the phone?

    Pls just that throw that shit away and shave off $10-20 from the phone price instead. Or get bigger battery.

    Sometimes I wonder if phone designer even use a phone themselves.

  3. seven7dust
    January 26, 2015

    THL had a good thing going with their 5000 mah phone , I almost bought it , but got a MX4 pro instead cause the design was ugly and the UI was hideous.

    they just needed to improve the design to something more modern , get a newer processor and run Android 5.0,

    but they go and do the most useless thing ever ,swipe fingerprint is a fail especially on the back of the phone ,ask HTC. even Samsungs implementation is a fail.

    plzz THL make a sucessor to the THL 5000 and 4000 with improved design.

    • Zoealandy
      January 27, 2015

      yes, Thl gonna release THL 5000T

  4. Akshay PL
    January 29, 2015

    As long as google doesn’t integrate finger print sensor into their stock OS, I’m not gonna believe in them

  5. Stefan Berg
    March 3, 2015

    Looks like a Swipe… sadly lol 1150 can be used anywhere where it fits … but this is a swipe