Vivo X5 Max L is larger but still thin at only 5.1mm

vivo x5 max l

Vivo are the current title holders for the world’s thinnest phone, and are bring that technology down to lower price points with the Vivo X5 Max L.

From a design point the Vivo X5 Max L is strikingly similar to the X5 Max. The trademark white and alloy body is there, and the thicker screen bezels (for rigidity) remain.

There are differences though and they are changes which are likely attract Chinese tech fans to the more affordable MX Max L over the standard model.

For starters the body is a slightly thicker 5.1mm, which is still very thin for an Android smartphone. Specifications have also switched from a Snapdragon 615 to a more powerful but more cost-effective 64bit Mediatek processor. After looking over benchmarks the Mediatek chip is actually more powerful than the SD615.

Other hardware has remained unchanged and includes a 5.5-inch 1920 x 1080 display, 2GB RAM, 16GB internal memory, space for a 128GB SD card, 13 mega-pixel main camera and LTE.

Vivo are likely to launch the Vivo X5 Max L in China and other asian countries.

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