Photo of rumoured Meizu Meilan wearable spotted

meizu meilan smartwatch leaked

Meizu might finally be extending their range of products to include a wearable device seen here in spy photos.

Over the years Meizu have made MP3 players and smartphones, for other products such as wearables, routers etc, Meizu have relied on products from partners in their “Connect to Meizu” program.

The first wearable, made by InWatch, wasn’t the best. We reviewed the InWatch Pi last year and really found it to be an terrible piece of kit, even more so when compared to the simple but effective Xiaomi Mi Band.

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Their next wearable might be a wearable made in house to Meizu’s own standards and specifications. The spy image above was posted online last night and is rumoured to be of an upcoming Meilan smartwatch. Meilan is the Chinese name for the sub brand the m1 note and m1 reside under.

Details of the watch are unknown but the photo does show a traditional Meizu halo and the lack of display suggest this is going to be a simple wearable rather than an Android Wear device.

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  1. Matt Wright
    February 8, 2015

    I think that the display not being connected to a power source might mean that its not noticeable.
    I think it will be similar to the Motorola 360. But hopefully better battery.