Beware! Xiaomi Mi Note clones already on sale

xiaomi mi note lcone

The speed of clone manufacturers is quite scary, how they can get a fake version of a newly launched phone like the Xiaomi Mi Note in the market is amazing and a troubling thought to international buyers.

Xiaomi phones are so sought after in China, and the rest of the world, that a cottage industry of clone makers has sprung up around them, and these knock off merchants are fast!

The Xiaomi Mi Note was launch on the 15th January and less than a month later a clone is on sale and ready to fool anyone tempted by a bargain. The fact that a clone Mi Note is already on sale is worrying for international fans too as some unscrupulous sellers will no doubt try to take advantage.

Fake Xiaomi Mi Note phones have just 1GB RAM, lack audio refinements and are made of plastic rather than glass. Performance is down too with Antutu score of around 18,000. Below are images of the real Xiaomi Mi Note next to the Xiaomi Mi Note clone.

xiaomi mi note lcone
The fake Mi Note has a shallow curve on the rear panel and the plastic panel is not flush.

Customers should be on the look out for these knock offs and report any store selling these to warn the Chinese smartphone community.

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