Qualcomm and Mediatek versions of the Zenfone 2 is a possibility

asus zenfone 2

One of the more exciting phones launches at CES was the Asus Zenfone 2 with 4GB RAM, now reports are in that a Qualcomm and Mediatek variant could be in the works.

The Asus Zenfone 2 was the biggest surprise for us at CES this year. Not only does the new Asus look better than ever, but the hardware is all top notch too. At CES, Asus announced the flagship phone could boast up to 4GB RAM and run an Intel processor, however rumours suggest another version of the phone is a possibility.

Apparently Asus are working with Qualcomm on the possible release of a Snapdragon powered version of the Zenfone 2, while a Mediatek version of the phone could be released in emerging markets.

There are no details if the rest of the specifications will be changed of and what the pricing of these phones will be, we just hope the Zenfone 2 will launch soon so we can get our hands on it.

[ GizChina.it ]
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