Xiaomi are starting to worry even Google

Xiaomi’s rise to success in China without the need of Google services is worrying the search giant.

Xiaomi’s amazing growth using the Android platform in China without Google Services is starting to worry the search giant. Anyone who has been to China will know that many services are blocked there including many of Google’s own services. For Chinese Android phone makers this has meant creating a suite of their own services, but none have been so popular as Xiaomi.

With Xiaomi slowly moving out of China with official stores in India, Malaysia, Singapore and a new store headed for the U.S, Android employees at Google have spoken out about how Xiaomi could “present challenges”.

Currently Xiaomi has it’s own app market, online store, video streaming and messaging services, plus cloud backup, but it is not out of the realm of possibility that they could also enter email, maps and other services which could threaten Google.

Closer to home, Cyanogen have recently been attracting investors to create an Android ecosystem which doesn’t require Google and have already attracted some big names.

[ Business Insider ]
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