Mystery Xiaomi device to be lightweight and super small, possible GoPro rival?

xiaomi go pro

Xiaomi fans should mark the 2nd March as a date to remember in their diary as a new mystery product will be unveiled, but what on earth could it be?

A teaser posted on Xiaomi’s Weibo simply shows us a picture of a matchbox and promises more in formation on the 2nd March, while a second image shows the matchbox open showing packed luggage and a snorkel mask, so what are Xiaomi planning to launch?

Our guess (and we might be grasping at straws here) is that Xiaomi could finally be ready to unveil their own action camera to rival the GoPro. Current GoPro camera are roughly the size of a matchbox and are very lightweight (once removed from their waterproof casing), and they are perfect for use while traveling or swimming too.

GoPro camera’s and Chinese cameras such as the SJ5000, have become very popular around the globe and are often used for extreme sports, and radio control drones. Current sports camera’s range from around $100 to $500, a Xiaomi camera will likely cost much less.


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