How long will it take GooPhone to clone the Galaxy S6 now it leaked?

samsung galaxy s6 leaks

Purported leaked images of the Samsung Galaxy S6 have been posted online, how long until we see a clone emerge from Chinese phone makers?

GooPhone and No.1 are quite well known for making use of leaked photos of Samsung and Apple products and putting them to use padding out their own range of phones, so will these Galaxy S6 kick off the clones?

If Chinese phone makers are confident enough to start knocking out knock off Samsung Galaxy S6 phones based on these images, then at least all they will need to do is slightly modify the chassis of their iPhone 6 clones, as the alloy frame is very similar to the current Apple device.

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The images, originally posted on the XDA Forums, show a champagne coloured alloy chassis with iPhone esque volume rockers, and singe sim tray. The chassis also has a single, drilled speaker in the base opposite a 3.5mm headphone jack and what appears to be an IR sensor at the top.

The rear of the Samsung Galaxy S6 look similar current Samsung devices with the main camera sitting away from the body. The ton of the phone seems to have a 5-inch display and retains it’s physical home button.

Overall it’s a design I personally am not all that keen on, but let’s see what China’s phone companies make of it.

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  1. Rob
    February 26, 2015

    Don’t think these are real, last I heard the S6 was gonna be 5.2″, don’t think Samsung will make the new model smaller than the current one.

    • Bojan Radovanović
      February 26, 2015

      why not, they did with Galaxy Mega!?

      5,2′ colud be S6 edge

      • Rob
        February 26, 2015

        No, more likely this would be the s6 mini! There wouldn’t be any room for them to do a mini version if the full size version is only 5″. Since the galaxy range is their flagship they will do as many variants as possible.

        • Bojan Radovanović
          February 26, 2015

          rob, 5 inch mini!?
          they are not from china…
          anyway….it’s just 3 days for you to see

          • Rob
            February 27, 2015

            You obviously haven’t taken any notice of how Samsung phones have evolved. Original galaxy S was 4″, the S5 was 5.1″. The S3 mini was 4″, the S4 mini was 4.3″ & the S5 mini was 4.5″, if you can’t see the pattern here I will try to explain it to you. If you look at the android market you will see phones have gotten bigger every year and not just in China. It may not be the mini, I was just putting out a possible explanation. They can’t keep making their flagship bigger every year for obvious reasons, at the same time I doubt they will shrink it either

            • bojan radovanovic
              March 1, 2015

              I guess you ware right 😉
              5’1, they did shrink it…not much, but they did

  2. iKosh
    February 26, 2015

    I don’t think Samsung would risk another battle with Apple’s lawyers. This is some kind of a mutant. Could be named Appsung or Sample.

    • February 27, 2015

      LOL … I couldnt help laughing at your mutant names. LOL

  3. Angry Mobile Nerd
    February 27, 2015

    What a creative excuse to post the recently leaked S6 photos.

  4. JohnMiller2013
    March 3, 2015

    Really, I’m surprised that I couldn’t find S6 clones yet. Seems like China cloners are usually releasing flagship clones well before their genuine counterparts’ public release dates.

  5. sfgsdfg
    March 30, 2015

    its available now,, with octacore MT6595, for less than $300
    but still no s6edge