MWC: Huawei Watch could cost as much as $1000!

huawei watch

While I visited the Huawei booth at MWC this week, the design of the product quizzed me on what pricing I thought would be reasonable for their new Android Wear device, but I was not expecting a price as high as this!

I managed to test the Huawei Watch under the watchful eye of one of the designers of the product, and was asked plenty of questions, but price seemed to be the one that he really focussed on. When asked on price I told him honestly that customers would expect the cost to be similar or slightly less than the Moto 360, his answer was “LESS?”.

A final price wasn’t revealed to be then, but apparently the folks at Bgr overheard a source at Huawei say the final cost of the watch could be $1000! It accurate it would show that Huawei have greatly misjudged the Android Wear, and wearable market as a whole.

huawei watch

Generally Android Wear devices are considered expensive and quite basic smartdevices. They offer less features than an Android phone, but can cost as much, yet they don’t offer the same fashion or status as luxury timepiece. At $1000 Huawei are going to find it a struggle to find customers. Fans of tech will stick to the more affordable LG and Moto options, while anyone wanting to splash out on a luxury watch isn’t going to come home with a Huawei Watch with 2 day battery life.

Hopefully this rumour is totally off the mark as I would like to see a few more Android Wear options on the market, but if it is true then Huawei have no chance in the wearable market, at least for the moment.

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