OnePlus to launch new mystery product in April

OnePlus have a new device ready for a launch in April, but before you start guessing what it might be let us tell you what it isn’t first.

OnePlus have have already confirmed a new flagship phone will be coming from them later in the year, but we have been told not to expect that until well after April. So could it be an smartwatch or tablet? No to this too, as Carl Pei of OP has confirmed it will be neither of these either.

There are still plenty of other products which could be unveiled, perhaps a simple fitness tracker, a small action camera similar to the Xiaomi Yi or HTC cameras would be a thought, or perhaps even an Android powered iPod touch rival (although that’s really grasping at straws).

With a month to wait that gives us a lot of time to see teasers and spy photos of what OnePlus could be getting ready for their April launch. What do you think the OP team have in store?

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