More $63 Xiaomi phone details emerge

xiaomi redmi 2 review

Reports of a lower cost version of the Xiaomi Redmi first began back in December after Xiaomi invitees in a local semiconductor company. Those rumours haven’t done away with additional details uncovered this morning.

Xiaomi broke the low-cost mould when they released the original Redmi, but since then there have been handfuls of equally well priced phones from rivals diluting the appeal of the Redmi. Still the feisty company are ready to give up on the low-price phone market and are rumoured to kick off a new price war with a rumoured 399 Yuan device.

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In China the Redmi 2 retails at 699, so a 399 Yuan phone would really shake the market up, especially if it boasts the following rumoured features. According to insiders the new device will follow the same 4.7-inch 720p display route, and feature 1GB RAM, quad-core Cortex A7 processor and dual-core Mali T628 GPU.

From previous reports the phone appears to also have a similar Redmi design and boast LTE support too, making it quite the bargain.

For 2015 Xiaomi hope to boost sale and profit, the new model has been designed to meet the requirements of fans on a budget and could account for 100 million sales for the company once released!

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  1. tamulionis
    March 9, 2015

    If it has MTK6732, the I’m buying one the moment it’s available

    • Faisal Shaharyar
      March 9, 2015

      it has Mali T628 so it wont use MTK6732.
      but maybe a new processor in which they have invested, performing very close to snapdragon 400. (maybe 70%)

      • JakobSWE
        March 9, 2015

        Probably a leadcore soc.

      • Muhammad Yasir
        March 9, 2015

        would be better if it was 64 bit !

  2. Vijay Sud
    March 9, 2015

    According to some is rumored to release in March…and if it delivers 4.7 inch display with good connectivity and a fair camera with Xiaomi build quality.. at INR 4000 price point..Xiaomi can write their ticket for massive tens of million numbers in India.

    • March 9, 2015

      agree it will be good for India and the third world as well

  3. Steven Fox
    March 9, 2015

    This is a new SoC that we’ve never seen before. Nothing I know comes with a Mali 628MP2. This phone will be awesome if those specs are correct, but be prepared for a 5MP camera and a small battery(1800mAh) at that price, also maybe not an IPS screen.

    • Muhammad Yasir
      March 9, 2015

      aww.. shucks!

    • Vijay Sud
      March 9, 2015

      Non IPS screen would be impractical..should be hardly any non IPS phone screens..and even if it is 1800 least it will be true 1800 mah..India is flooded with cheap Chinese junk phones with battery marked 1500 mAh but actually half that.

  4. Casper
    March 9, 2015

    Leadcore ?

  5. Lazar Prodanovic
    March 9, 2015

    SoC doesn’t sound all that bad. MALI T628 MP2 is almost on pair with T760 MP2 all do it’s slightly less power efficient. Phone don’t actually sounds all that nice as 1GB of RAM is not a bargain I am willing to take. Unfortunately I think it will be over kill even before it’s on market as I expect price drops for MT6752 & MT6732 based phones as Asus just killed all in between bottom & top of the market & even top is really shaken up with it.

  6. milos
    March 9, 2015

    it is leadcore LC1860 SOC or something similar because they invested in that company.

  7. Angry Mobile Nerd
    March 9, 2015

    Shake up the market AND cheapen their brand in the process. It’s bad enough already when you hear “Xiaomi” you think “Redmi”, not “Mi4” or “Mi Note Pro”. They can go ahead and launch this but they need to understand it will only make it more difficult for them to sell premium higher priced phones as people won’t want to buy a 3000 RMB phone from a brand whose known for a 700 RMB phone.

    • Shashank
      March 10, 2015

      Dont worry we all are much educated to buy Xiaomi devices

  8. balcobomber25
    March 9, 2015

    The processor is the Leadcore LC1860C, its the only quad core chip to use the The Mali T628MP2. Leadcore has two other chips that use that GPU but both are hexacore.

  9. sdsd
    March 17, 2015

    Hope they make one with 3.5 inch screens. I know a lot of people, boys & girls, men and women who would grab a high spec phone if it arrives in 3.5 inch.